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Regulatory Update November 31, 2017

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M&A Banker Liability for Fiduciary Duty Breach: Still “in Play” in North Carolina

by William Robinson

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Cyberspace & Securities: A Changing World

by Thomas P. Gross

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Forthcoming Article

Partial Government Ownership of Business Firms as a Necessary Condition for the Optimization of Firm Performance

by Jarvis Jerome Lagman, Esq.

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Financial Reform Is Working, But Deregulation That Incentivizes One-Way Bets Is Sowing the Seeds of Another Catastrophic Financial Crash


by Dennis M. Kelleher, President and CEO Better Markets, Inc.

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Class Actions and Statutory Damages for Procedural Violations – Navigating Between Stranded Consumers and Corporate Wreckage

by Martin Thelen

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